Job Description- PCW/ Caregiver

  • The PCW/Caregiver is an individual who provides direct personal care in a client’s home per the client’s specific plan of care as prepared by the RN Case Manager or RN Supervisor.  The PCW/ Caregiver’s role is to assist clients in their day to day needs, provide quality of care and promote independence while in the comfort of their home.

REPORTS TO: The RN Supervisor or RN Case Manager


  • High School Diploma or General Education Degree (GED)
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Possesses effective communication skills
  • Possesses a capacity for caring for the chronically ill, mentally disadvantaged and the physically or developmentally disabled client
  • Ability to pass all required health screenings


  1. The PCW/Caregivers shall perform tasks as assigned by the RN Supervisor
  2. The PCW/Caregiver is responsible for reporting any significant changes observed in the client’s medical condition to the RN Supervisor
  3. The PCW/Caregiver is expected to demonstrate patient specific tasks to their RN Supervisor to assure ongoing competency
  4. The PCW/Caregivers are required to only perform tasks and services as assigned for each client for which he or she has been specifically trained. Potential tasks performed are as follows:
    • Assistance with bathing
    • Assistance with getting in and out of bed
    • Teeth, mouth, denture and hair care
    • Assistance with mobility and ambulation, including use of walker, cane or crutches
    • Changing the client’s linen and laundering bed linens and/or other personal clothing
    • skin care (excluding wound care)
    • care of eyeglasses and hearing aids
    • Assistance with dressing and undressing
    • Toileting, including use and care of bedpan, urinal or commode
    • Light cleaning in essential areas of the home
    • Meal preparation, food purchasing and meal serving
    • Assisting in simple transfers, including bed to chair or wheelchair
    • Other delegated tasks as assigned by the RN Supervisor
  5. The PCW/Caregiver is responsible for timely and accurate client notes
  6. The PCW/Caregiver is responsible for maintaining client confidentiality
  7.  The PCW/Caregiver is responsible for practicing safety, standard precautions, and infection control measures by using appropriate personal protective equipment to protect the clients and self
  8. The PCW/Caregiver is responsible for participating in training and in-services as assigned
  9. The PCW/Caregiver is required to maintain a positive attitude and neat appearance

Job Description- Registered Nurse Supervisor

The Registered Nurse Supervisor is responsible for the overall management of programs as related to the client.  This includes monitoring clients level of service needs and coordination of care with the health care providers or a RN Case Manager. Additionally, the RN Supervisor is responsible for overseeing PCW/Caregivers to ensure optimal care is being provided to all clients in accordance with policies and procedures of Serene Solutions LLC.

REPORTS TO: Administrator

SUPERVISES: PCW/Caregivers and Support Staff


  • Graduate of an accredited school of nursing
  • Possesses a current state license as a Registered Nurse
  • At least one year of related experience or administrative experience 
  • Computer literate
  • Possesses effective communication skills and ability to lead a team of personnel with a variety of backgrounds and educational experiences. 
  • Possesses good time-management, problem-solving, and work ethic skills
  • Possesses a current driver’s license and a dependable insured vehicle


  1. At least once every 50-60 days, RN Supervisor will visit each client’s house and based on the home visit, complete the following activities for each client based on DHS 107. 112, WI Admin Code:
    • eview and evaluate the client’s medical condition and needs per the written Plan of Care during the period in which care is provided
    • Determine whether the current level of service, including the frequency and duration of services, continues to be appropriate in treating the cients medical condition
    • Discuss with the physician any changes necessary to the Plan of Care
    • Discuss and review with the client or representative, as appropriate, the services to be provided by the PCW/Caregiver based off the client’s needs and preferences
  2. The RN Supervisor is responsible for assuring the competency of the PCW/Caregiver by visiting the client’s home to observe care being given. At least once every 50-60 days, the RN Supervisor will make a home visit to surpervise the PCW/Caregiver for competency in care.


Per DHS 105. 17(2)(b) and DHS 107.112(3), WI Admin Cide, an RN Supervisor is required to:

  1. Evaluate the client’s needs and preferences for services and make referrals to other services as appropriate
  2. Secure signed and written orders from the client’s physician prior to start of service. Orders are to be renewed every three months unless the physician specifies that orders covering a period up to one year are appropriate when the client’s needs change, or whichever comes first.
  3. Develop a plan of care for the client, considering the client’s preferences for service arrangements and choice of personal care workers. Interpret the plan to the personal care worker, include a copy of the plan in the client’s health record and review the plan at least every 60 days as needed.
  4. Promptly notify the clients physician and legal representative (if applicable) if any significant changes are observed in the clients medical condition. 
  5. Develop appropriate time and service reporting mechanisms for PCW/Caregivers and instruct the PCW/Caregiver on their use.
  6. Give the Personal Care Worker/Caregiver written instructions about the services to be performed and demonstrate to the personal care worker how to perform the services.

Other Functions:

  1. Maintain a safe working environment for themselves and their clients
  2. Maintain patient confidentiality
  3. Oversees, participates in and supports performance improvement activities while establishing measurable outcomes/objectives
  4. Uses effective communication skills to follow-up on complaints by clients or personnel
  5. Serves as the liaison between personnel and administration
  6. Participates in clinical Policy and Procedure development and implementation as needed
  7. Oversees and promotes Infection Control measures for compliance.  Serves as a liaison to community, state and national level functions, as needed
  8. Keeps all records up to date, organized and ready for inspection at anytime
  9. Knowledgeable of and abides by all policies and procedures
  10. Presents a professional appearance and attitude
  11. Maintains current knowledge of non-medical regulations DHS 105 and standards
  12. Other duties as assigned by the administrator